About Us

Since 2006, our company has focused on providing customers with quality exhausts at exceedingly affordable prices.

We understand the value of making your bike stand out from the rest without costing you a fortune. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. All of our exhausts come with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Unlike some companies, we believe product quality and sensible price work collectively to make an excellent product.

Our motorcycle exhausts are known for durability and affordability making our product a good option for motorcyclists everywhere.


Radiant Cycles all started in 2006 when the owner Duy Huynh was looking for a “Shorty” exhaust for his 2005 Yamaha YZF–R6 motorcycle. He was tired of getting ran off the road by other vehicles and needed something louder because the factory exhaust was too quiet. After months of searching to find an ideal shorty exhaust that was inexpensive, lightweight, compact and loud. Nothing was available at the time, so he decided to build his own unique design and named it the “Shorty GP Exhaust”.

Once the exhaust was completed and mounted to his bike, friends and strangers complemented the Shorty GP Exhaust. This is where the company got its start and set the path for Radiant Cycles today. Radiant Cycles was incorporated in 2008. We are still selling exhausts to friends and hope to make many more friends in the future.
Radiant Cycles was able to purchase many domain names before anyone knew what a shorty exhaust was. Radiant Cycles acquired www.radiantcycles.com, www.shortygpexhaust.com, www.shortyexhaust.com, www.shortyexhausts.com, www.gpexhausts.com.

In 2015, Radiant Cycles started using the slogan “LOUD AND ALIVE” on all of their listings, marketing the slogan“LOUD AND ALIVE”on stickers and posting with the hashtag #loudandalive. They also purchased www.loudandalive.com and created a loudandalive instagram page during this time.